Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Seasons in teal

Teal (thalo blue, hansa yellow and white) blue -- it's a little more to the green than this scan shows.

Half done, rest get printed tomorrow. 8-]

From a discussion on BarenForum I made a few adjustments to my process. I always print block down, but I have a tendency to raise the block with newsprint. I took that out and switched to a plexi plate instead, and the print is crisper. Also I tried adding water to the ink again. I didn't have much success with that when I first got the inks, but this seemed to work out better. Thanx.

a lighter teal variation (actually greener than the scan)


Amanda said...

Hi Ellen. Your print looks great! Are you printing from one block or multiple blocks? If from one block, how do you use multiple colors and keep them separate?

Ellen Shipley said...

Hi Amanda,

One block. I wipe the ink off of the leaves, then tap in the colors I want. A little more fiddling that way, but only one block. 8-]

Sue said...

I like the way you've done the looks like autumn gusts. How many colours are you printing?

Amy Stoner said...

I love love love this print. so gorgeous. yay!