Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Website is UP!!

W00t!!1! =8- D

My website is up!!
http://ellenshipley.com/ ! =8-]

It's version 1.0 -- or even a beta version. Has some glitches, and except for the navigation buttons, doesn't go anywhere. But it will eventually.

Ok, I've calmed down. I can take it -- give me your best critique (or even a cursory one). ;-j I know it's got bugs, but can you see them?

Oh this is just too kewl!

Oh -- here's a question: Does it take a long time to load? It takes forever on my machine, but that may just be me. If it isn't tho, I'll have to fix it!


Nita said...

We-ell, it looks beautiful, and yes, it's extremely slow in loading. I timed how long the grid of green squares took to "unroll"--a full 3.5 minutes. (I'm using Firefox on a linux machine.)

It took a full 2 minutes for about the top half to reveal itself. I don't know about html, but something needs tweaking :-)

Barbara said...

It looks gorgeous -maybe TOO much so; I hope it doesn't take away from the artwork. The whole site loaded in about 10 seconds for me, using Safari on a Mac via DSL. I'm looking forward to seeing all the artwork connections!

Nita said...

MUCH better this morning! About 12 seconds for the whole thing, nearly all the boxes opened immediately, the last one hung on resistantly :-)

Nita said...

I just tried it on my Windows machine, with Firefox, it took about 12 seconds, and the last square was not so slow.

Again, not knowing web design, I'm wondering why I see your pre-opening boxes when I don't on most sites. Is it a way of html construction or something to do with what you're revealing?

Letter C said...

I sent you an email and got an "undeliverable" notice. I'm wondering if you really did get it however.

Here's more or less what it said. Your website is stunning and it loads fast. I'm on a Mac with DSL. I opened it in Safari.

Good job. It's beautiful.

Ellen Shipley said...

Thank you everyone! This is very helpful! 8-] Clearly I have a problem.

There may be a way to combine images so they will load together.

Back to the drawing board!