Friday, February 22, 2008

Blue Hills

Another variation on the theme. I'm liking this one better.


Diane Cutter said...

Yes, Ellen, I like it, too. The lines I saw before as mountains have become wind... What is the wonderful purple color?

Ellen Shipley said...

Oh dear, you would ask. ;-y

I started with too much thalo blue, so I added oodles more permanent red and white (that's a technical term).

When I go to try and recreate it, I'll probably start with 1 part blue and 5 or six parts @ white and permanent red.

BTW, the blue up top has some of the purple mixed back in, so it's really a very dark purple-blue.

Clear as mud? ;-]

cavalaxis said...

Oh, Ellen. That's breathtaking.

LinC said...

Very nice. I like the contrast between the purple-y warmth of the earth and the more remote blue of the mountains. But I still like my version of the tree.

pyropagan said...

Beautiful! I like this one better than the grapey one too- it looks more crisp. Nicely done!