Saturday, September 29, 2007

Titanium 22 -- Periodic Table Project

Ti 22 block

Ti 22 test print -- yellow ochre

Ti 22 test print -- yellow ochre & black

Ti 22 -- another variation

A couple lines need a little more tweaking, and I need to fine-tune the coloration. But it's almost done. 8-]

Now I can work on the text, explaining just how Prometheus with a robot arm holding fireworks relates to the element Titanium. ;-j


gknee said...

Ti22 looks great! I really like the 2nd color test; it makes him stand out. Yes, I'm looking forward to reading your explanation; it will be good, I know! gknee

cavalaxis said...

Oh I love the last one the best. The Ti22 is subtle. Nicely done!