Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ti-22 Working Sketch (reverse image)

Here's the working mock up for my Titanium block in the Periodic Elements Project. I took a re-assignment. Glad to play. 8-] The Ti and the 22 will be worked into the greek key bands. I printed out a bunch of them to work on colors today. I'm thinking I'll go with red and black and grey, but we'll see.

Titanium is named after the Greek Titans, of which Prometheus is the best known. He stole fire from Zeus and brought it to mankind, concealed in a fennel stalk, for which he was punished -- chained to a rock to have his liver eaten by an eagle, only to grow back at night for the next day. Gotta love those Greek gods.

Titanium is a whitish metal-du-jour that shows up in everything from paint to the space shuttle, and even fireworks. Or in this case, as a robotic arm holding aloft fireworks (which also looks a lot like a fennel stalk).

Tweaking the composition.


Diane Cutter said...

Ellen... This is going to be lovely. I'm looking forward to the final piece!

Planet Janet said...

Very imaginative! I like it.