Sunday, October 08, 2006


Valkyries 4"x6"

Here is an actual print of the block on Somerset grey paper. I like the stone effect, as it's a runestone. The block needs some clean-up. Too many extranious lines for my taste. Kitty liked it.

I can see why Vikings carved such angular runes -- it's so much easier to carve straight lines than curvy ones. I like my spiral "es" but it sure is harder carving it in wood. Perhaps I need to make a chop. The double line "P" I'm starting to use in SCA blocks is much easier represented in wood.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen - I can't decide whether I like the Valkyres in white on black or the opposite but its a very fetching image - it just has the appeal of artworks of another era and culture. well done. Good to see another printmaker on blogger. I am just trying to get my blog up and running.