Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sheep Monotype

4"x4", monotype

Working on tone and texture in my monotypes (thanx to Belinda's mentoring). 8-] As she says, it's just removing ink. Yeah, right. Like drawing is just adding ink. ;-j


Diane Cutter said...

All your monotypes are wonderful, Ellen. These sheep have such personality. I'll have to try one of these substractive ones soon. You are very inspiring!

groovyinclinations said...

Oh Ellen! Wow....beautiful!

Janet said...

Ellen, Hi -- It's Janet from COC checking out your blog which I stumbled across while surfing Belinda's blog. I didn't know you were posting your beautiful prints. This monotype of the sheep is so cute, not to mention skillfully done. Ellen, I have a blog on this site too! It's under my name See you in a couple of weeks.