Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Loki Monoprint

Just a little monoprint, and I mean little: 1.5"x2.25", the smallest plate I've ever beveled. It's printed on a Japanese paper, smooth on print side, fiber inclusions on other side.

I'm getting better at using the small pointy stomp, the flatt stubbier one, various chopsticks, wrapped and unwrapped, and tapping color back down with a finger (erases the dots). Getting better lights and darks. Need to work more on the shades in the middle.


gknee said...

Whey kewel. Loki has arrived! He has his own monoprint! How amazing to work on someting so tiny with such a large subject! ;- j Seriously, it's lovely! gknee

Annie B said...

Nice, Ellen. So is this what they call a subtractive monoprint - you put down the black ink and then take it away with the various tools you described?

Viza Arlington said...

I like them all but my very favorite is the shaggy goat.