Friday, April 07, 2006

Mudd Block2 Print

Mudd block2 print, 5"x5.5"

This is a print in progress for Will's Graduation. It's an interesting effect -- first I printed the block in black, then cleaned the block (ran it thru the press on newsprint, as usual) and inked it up with a reddish brown I mixed from black relief ink, yellow and vermilion. When I printed the block on a piece of mulberry paper Jim gave me to play with, a tad bit of the black showed thru the brown.

I did something similar going from a failed gold/brown experiment back to black. I like the dimension this adds to the process. (Same thing happened when printing the Umi block for Will, and most especially the Phoenix block.)

Still have some detail to add to the tankard and the date to add to the ribbon.

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gknee said...

Beautiful. Love it that your hand is raising the tankard!