Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy 33rd Anniversary

castle schuyler house 9"x12"

I carved this over the summer. In fact, I had started to google likely castles to use when Bill discovered the Norman Keep at Castle Cardiff and tweaked it. Perfect! The trick has been to keep him from seeing it before the 9th. I'm fairly confident he won't look in here. ;->

Woodcut on Baltic birch (and was it a bitch!). I utilized the direction of the grain for the cloud action, but it fought me all the rest of the block. I'm wondering if Belinda DelPesco's technique of staining the block then using polyurithane wouldn't have helped with all the chipping. I may try that for the next one.


Helen Garrod said...

Wow, I love the woodcut Ellen. Super castle and sheep. I have no idea how you do all your woodcuts and things, but they they are impressive.

Mandy said...

Great print!!! I love the energy and movement it created.

lewisharolds19219130 said...
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