Friday, April 17, 2009

Tiger & Sloth

Made In the Shade 4"x6"
First prints. Very uneven. Having trouble with either the ink or the pressure on the press. Probably both. Some days just don't go smoothly. But I've made a start. It'll get there.
I think the runners along the sides of the press bed (long thin pieces of plywood to lift the roller to the height of the block) are compressing. They make these occasional cracking noises (better them than the block!). I may need to replace them or augment them somehow.
Or maybe there's a difference in the height of the current block from previous ones. They don't look any different, but maybe it's slight. At any rate, I have to work on that some before I print again. The last block I printed wasn't so uneven.

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Oh I do like that design! Even if the printing didn't come out the way you wanted it to, I love that 'aged' look that applying less pressure to the paper gives!

Stick at it - you'll get there in the end. =)