Sunday, March 31, 2024

Linogravure ~ I like it

I like the term linogravure.  It's french for linocut prints, but it's reminiscent of photogravure. 


I'm planning out some printing projects.  I'm going to be working in linocut.

One series is the cherry tree in its various twisty forms and denizens.  Fox, deer, barn (ok, not a denizen, but a recurring motif).


Some as reduction prints, especially if I want to play with the green (lichen) and pink (blossoms) combination.


Other subjects:  my cryptids, like my chimera cat-bird critters.

Probably better suited to bw with color added.


Sunday, April 16, 2023

Air Kraken Progress Pics


carving one


printing one


carving two


printing two 

carving three

printing three


finished block

finished print

Monday, October 25, 2021

Xmas21 ~ Smiling Signy


             Smiling Signy

Jeane gave me the idea, calling this pic "When what to my wondering eyes should appear..."  I like that!

I can suggest the xmas tree behind her, with twinkling lights (blurred color?).

Maybe make her eyes even shinier. 

It's the way I'm thinking right now, but I think I like it enough to start doodling.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

xmas card ideas 2021


Just from us this time.  No more SH xmas cards.  So the field is wide open.

I'm looking at simplified graphical lino images.  Color blocks or color bw print.

How many to send out?  Maybe I can print them myself?  Probably too many for that, close to 50-ish.

I like the expression of the bear, but not necessarily the bird.  A scarf? Xmas tree in the background?  Ooh, or a polar bear ~ NPB maybe.


I like the background framing the image.  Can be xmassy.  The color is nice too.

I can see Signy in the chair, a la Freya on the couch.  Simple colors, maybe not so dark.


Ha ha ha!  I can see this as Signy.  Or a sheep.  Love the expression.

Any sheep.  Maybe Clover.


Graphical designs for sheep in field.  Interesting.

Something with Clover.  Baa-Humbug?


Or Baa Baa.

Another Sheep.


Mouse in rocking chair, variations on a theme, in front of the tree, fireplace, etc.

Kewt boxer face with Signy's markings.  Xmassy.  Maybe a smiley face like the xmas card with Signy from a few years ago.

 Smiley face Signy with lolling tongue.


 Head tilt.  8-]


Three favorite ideas so far are:

The head tilt smiley Signy with ornament of Xmas tree or some such.

A mouse in an xmassy cocoa cup.

Oh, and a mouse sitting in a chair in front of the tree ~ titled “not even a mouse.”


from blogpost to Jeane:

Still poking around with xmas ideas.  Yes, something like Signy's goofy smile would be nice.  I wonder what ornament she'd have.  If it's an old favorite, that might be one of my woven angels...No, Signy! could be the title.  ;->  She'll need twinkling eyes.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Ordered Cards ~ SH & Shipley


We did battle with Vistaprint and were victorious.  Here is the card that is going out.  8-]

Saturday, November 28, 2020



Printing now.  After it dries I'll add pastel.

I don't want it to come in too far on the sides, so I've decided to use Bill's trick of adding sky that he used on the first SH xmas card where he invented some more top branches on the tree.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

More Carving


Carved some lines deeper.

Faux print.  Looks pretty good.

Time to make an actual test print and move on from there.