Friday, April 24, 2009

Tiger & Sloth -- New Ink 8-]

Made In the Shade 4"x6"

Woo and hoo! 8-] Success finally. I ordered some new ink -- Akua intaglio (also good for woodcuts) -- and it just came this morning. I've been printing up a storm (hopefully not for real, as it's quite overcast out there today).
;- j

I love Akua ink! It stays wet forever (hopefully not on the print!). I was able to print close to 20 prints today and probably could have gone on longer but I got pooped.
I haven't taken any pics on my own press yet -- a Griffin -- so I took a couple today. Doesn't really show the press. Oh well, I'll get around to that. But I can't keep using the old printmaking class press shots when I put something up on Etsy.

And here's a shot of my drying rack. It's still on the floor, but I'll eventually have it up on my paper safe (currently "safely" stored under my work table and hence unaccessable).

I haven't gotten around to organizing my print studio after I moved my weaving studio out and into what used to be our son's bedroom. (He still hasn't moved all of his junque out of the house, but at least it's out of my weaving studio!)

My I'm chatty today. Must be all the happy I got from all that production.


Maria Pinto said...

I love it!
kisses and a wonderful week


Diane Cutter said...

It's wonderful, Ellen... I'm just delighted to see this finished. Will you have some for sale? Hint, hint! And, yes, aren't Akua inks nice!?! I love them, too.

Ellen Shipley said...

Thanx guys. 8-]

Maria, I tried to post a reply to you on your blog, but I kept getting bounced. Danged if I know why. ;-\ Love the stuff you've got over there!

Diane, thanx. I do plan to put one over in my Etsy shop. ;- j

And my goodness, why didn't I try these Akua inks before?! Well, I did, back before they reformulated them I guess. The stuff that comes in the tubes. This new stuff is better. 8-]

Tina Chong said...

I'm behind, I don't think I had seen your Tiger and Sloth. Very cool, and the new ink sounds lovely. So, pick up your production rate!