Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tiger & Sloth

Still some detail work to do. But it's coming along nicely. Better stop now. I know how compulsive this can be and my shoulders won't thank me if I continue.


a bit of tiger striping

Nice to see I still know how to carve a block. ;-> I'm working in spurts so I don't wrack my shoulders.

computer cobbled image with Kitty's tiger and Kurt's sloth

Finally have my hands on a block again. Haven't been working on anything since Dec. That drat ulcer -- or rather the reglan I was taking for the ulcer. It messed with my other meds. But things seem to be back to normal -- or what passes for normal. ;-j And I'm back to working again.


Annie B said...

Nice to see you back!

Sharri said...

Sorry to hear of your problems - hope everything stays ok now. What a bummer it is to have health issues get in the way.